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Format of the Date

As per various patterns of writing the date, it can be confusing to sum those who are not aware of it-

• The American pattern of writing is MM/DD/YYYY

• The British pattern of writing the date starts from the day, then the month, and lastly the year i.e., DD/MM/YYYY.

Acronyms in Age Calculation

The Age Calculator is very easy & user-friendly with a simple language that is very common for understanding. In this tool, some acronyms are used as:

√ DD- Date (Enter Date in 2 digits)

√ MM- Month (Enter Month in 2 digits)

√ YYYY – Year (Enter Year in 4 digits)

Age Calculation by Year

An age calculator ascertains the age of about an exact number of years months and days that have been completed since birth till the present day of calculation most age calculators follow a Western system of age calculations.

Age Calculation from Date of Birth

A user can calculate the age in year(s), month(s), and day(s) format since the date of birth.

An individual can input the date criteria in DOB (Birth date) and age as per specified format DD, MM, and YYYY, and ascertain the result as output.

What is the Chronological Date?

Chronological age is an individual’s age from a specified date of birth. It is used to determine the age based on any date.

# Facts to know- according to the Guinness Book of World Records, in Venezuela, Juan Vicenta Mora, present age of 113 years will be alive in 2023. Curious about the facts of long-term survival-

Key factors:

      Healthy eating

      Regular exercise

Age Calculation Formula

Calculation of age involves the comparison of current date needs to be considered about the date of birth.

 FORMULA = (Age’s Current Date) – (DOB)


How to calculate age in Excel?

Excel is the Microsoft Office Suite, that helps to ascertain easy and complex calculations within a blink of an eye. So as per the perspective calculation of age in Excel is a simple process. Consider the date of birth and the date to be undertaken to calculate the age.


How to calculate age by year?

To calculate an individual age in years. Consider the difference between Current and Birth year.

Age Year = (Current Year – Birth Year)

How to calculate age?

Date of Birth = 5(DD)/11(MM) /2000 (YYYY)

Find Age on = 17/09/2023

Answer: Age 22 years.

Born on:  Sunday, November 5, 2000

Age on:  Sunday, September 17, 2023

Exact age in different units:

= 22 years 10 months 12 days.

= 274 months 12 days

= 8351 days

= 200,424 hours

= 12,025,440 minutes

= 721,526,400 seconds.

So, what’s are you waiting for start calculating your age now.